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The Perfect Gaming Pencil!

When we set out to create the ultimate gaming experience, we ran into a problem. Too many people struggled to find the perfect pencil. Too think, too light, too easy to break. Even if your pencil is used beyond ZudoCube for Sudoku and Crosswords in magazines--a normal mechanical pencil just won't work.

Mechanical pencils have gradually gotten thinner and thinner until today which it is almost impossible tnot to break a lead while writing. Add to that the graphite content in today's average mechanical pencil is so low that it is almost impossible to use a normal mechanical pencil to write in a magazine.

That's why we created "Zudo Pencil" to be the ulitmate gaminc pencil. at .9mm or 1.3mm thick you get the strength so leads just don't break any more. We also use a softer lead for darker, richer, writing that makes it easy to use in a normal magazine and the perfect companion for ZudoCube.

  • 1.3 mm thick
  • B softness for a darker stroke
  • Eraser
  • Gel Grip
  • Comes in Yellow, greeen and ZudoBlue

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