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How To Play

Following the rules, use a pen or pencil to write the appropriate numbers in the boxes until it is filled.  When choosing a number for a corner piece or edge cell, you must write the number in the adjacent cell on the adjacent face(s).  See diagram below. 


Like Sudoku, the rows and columns and square regions on each face must contain a series of numbers without repeating.

Row COlumn Explainer

The example shown is of a 4x4 cube, however the same rules apply to a 9x9 cube as well and are similar to how all Sudoku games are played. The ZudoCube difference is that common edges and corners must share the same number turning the 6 faces into one giant puzzle!

Rules - Edges Explainer

A special coating on the cubes makes it easier to write and erase pencil marks so any pencil will work, but for the ultimate experience get ZudoPencil. ZudoPencil combines a high quality mechanical pencil with lead of the perfect thickness and softness making it a must have for all gamers.

Folding Instructions

Folding Instructions


To avoid confusion write all numbers on a face in the same orientation with the starter numbers on that face.  If there are no starter numbers on a face, then pick an orientation and stick wtih it.

If you get stuck, you can always go to Hints to get the help you need to keep back in the game.

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