Play 3D Sudoku online
Nothing to install, play by yourself or with others to compete for prizes

Download a simple plug-in and play ZudoCube online in Mac or PC.

  • 4x4 & 9x9 Games
  • Play by yourself or with others
  • Compete for prizes
  • Play digital version of any paper Games
  • Unlimited Gameplay

Coming Soon!


Play 3D Sudoku on the go with ZudoCube
Simple.  Paper.  Fun!

Simple to travel with, just unfold the cube and play with a pencil or pen, want to put the game on hold? just collapse the box and slip it into your luggage!

  • Available at airport stores
  • Easy to fold and go
  • Great for Travel or commuting
  • Use your own pencil or Pen
  • Made of Recycled Paper
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Printed with Soy Inks
  • Look up answers/get tips online
  • Each one Uniquely named

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